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China Databases
53-0217 Email Database ISA China 2021 C

334.000 emails in China
USD 50
53-0189 Email Database ISA China Corporative 2021 B

139.000 corporative emails in the China
USD 40

International Email Databases
53-0183 Email Databases ISA International 2021 B

60 Countries - 17.5 Million emails
USD 250

Latin America Email Databases
53-0211 Email Databases ISA Latin America 2021 B

20 Countries
6.1 Million emails
USD 150
53-0198 Email Databases ISA Latin America Corporative 2021 B

16 countries in Latin America
976.000 corporative emails
USD 180

Asia Email Databases
53-0210 Email Databases ISA Asia 2021 B

12 countries in Asia - 1.67 million emails
USD 120
53-0146 Email Databases ISA Asia Corporative 2021

10 countries in Asia - 709.000 corporative emails
USD 100

Europa Email Databases
53-0178 Email Databases ISA Europe 2021 B

24 countries in Europe - 7.6 million emails
USD 160
53-0212 Email Databases ISA Europe Corporative 2021 C

25 countries in Europe - 4 million corporative emails
USD 230

Arab Countries Email Databases
53-0184 Email Databases ISA Arab Countries 2021 C

11 arab countries - 134.000 emails
USD 80
53-0185 Email Databases ISA Arab Countries Corporative 2021 C

11 arab countries - 51.000 corporative emails
USD 100

Speciales Databases
53-2012 Database ISA Unsubscribers, Complainants and Spamtraps 2021

List of soft complainants (unsubscribe), hard complainants and spamtraps to add to your Exclusion List and avoid spam complainants and inclusion of your domains in blacklists
USD 30

ISA Email Packer 3.1
Email List Optimitation Software

Mix up to 3 lists
Eliminates duplicates
Divide lists into packages with least amount of emails
Eliminates the cut emails
Cleans commas, quotation marks, or the character that you want to
Select emails from a domain
Remove unwanted domains
Deletes emails that contain certain words or symbols
Select emails that contain a certain word
Select emails of corporative domains

USD 50
Software ISA Bounces Cleaner
Email Lists Cleaning Software

Reading Inbox in Outlook Express and other email clients
Gammadyne Mailer LOG Reading
Import lists from TXT
Update lists in ISA format
Export to TXT
Antispam Dictionary
Email Subject Dictionary
Cleaning by non-existent domain

USD 60
Software ISA E-Marketing 4.0 - Full Version
Sales Management, CRM, Email Marketing, Shipping, Databases, Harvest Emails Robots

Customer Management
Multiple Marketing Campaigns
Email Marketing
Predefined Response Emails organized by campaign to accelerate the management of inquiries and direct sales
Online Sales Management
Sales History
Shipping Management
Database Management
Search by Email, by Name, or by Phone
Import emails from Text Files (TXT)
Email Extractor from Web Pages (Manual and with Robots)
Imports Web Forms generated in PHP to email (MAPI) or text files
Manage Web Forms received by updating database and sending autoresponse emails. Autoresponse associated with Web Forms
Database in MDB Format compatible with Microsoft Access

USD 650
Software ISA E-Marketing 4.0 - Email Harvesting Version
Databases Handling and Harvest Emails Robots features

Import emails from Text Files (TXT)
Email Harvesting
Robot Extractor of Emails from Web Pages
Segmentation by country, region or city
Segmentation by category
Duplicate Cleanup
Export emails to Text Files (TXT)

This product is a special software license, with price reduced to 60% of the complete software license.
oriented for those tha wnat to scan emails only, and do not plan to use other CRM features included in the system

USD 390

Email Sending Services
53-3050 Super Server Plan LAT-50K

Sending 50.000 emails in America, Asia and/or Europe
USD 60
53-3150 Super Server Plan LAT-150K

Sending 150.000 emails in America, Asia and/or Europe
USD 100
53-5002 Super Server Plan LAT-1M

Sending 1 MILLION emails in America, Asia and/or Europe
USD 350
53-5003 Super Server Plan LAT-20M

Sending 20 MILLION emails in America, Asia and/or Europe
USD 890

Software Consulting
53-4001 Installation of Mailer with Scanner of Open SMTP Servers

Configuration and support of a multi server emailing system
USD 210
53-4003 Installation of Scanner of Open SMTP Servers

Configuration and support of scanner system for open SMTP servers (Open Relay)
USD 150
53-4006 Installation of Email Marketing System
with SMTP Server with SPF and DKIM

- Program installed on your computer that allows local administration of your campaigns
- SMTP Servers appropriate to the rules SPF and DKIM
- Online statistics
- Works on Internet service providers with port 25 locked (use port 587)

USD 65

Monthly Subscription Services
53-7001 ISA EMail Marketing - EMailList Account - Monthly Payment

Monthly subscription to the service of preparation of lists for email marketing
USD 29,90
53-7002 ISA EMail Marketing - EmailList Account - Annual Payment

Monthly subscription to the service of preparation of lists for email marketing
Annual payment with 10% discount
USD 324

ISA Email Marketing
Fabián Torre
Software Consulting

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