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Installation of Scanner of Open SMTP Servers
Configuration and support of scanner system for open SMTP servers (Open Relay)

Product Code: 53-4003

This system allows to send emails using your PC through other servers in an indirect way, without cost by the amount of emails sent.


-Installation and configuration of software via remote access, through the Teamviewer software.
-Support via skype for 30 days.


Internet access with port 25 open preference. If port 25 is blocked can scan ports 26, 465, 587 although the number of SMTP servers found will be less


1) VirtualBox

Description: Software that allows you to create and generate VIRTUAL MACHINES (VM) on Windows, that from here onwards will call VM. The system consists of 2 programs, one for WIndows and one for Linux. The use of VM allows you to install all programs on a single PC, be it Windows, Linux or even MAC. The use of VM is optional, since if you have 2 PCs, one with WIndows and other Linux can install each one in the corresponding operating system.

2) Linux UBUNTU

Description: complete operating system (that will be installed in a VM or on a second PC with Linux if you have it) to run a software in C++. This software allows to scan IPs ranges at high speed and Locate SMTP servers open (OPEN RELAYS) that will be used in the Mailer to deliver emails.

3) SMTP Relay Checker in C++

Description: This C++ code allows to scan on the Internet and locate SMTP servers open for use in indirect mode. This software will be installed on Ubuntu together with all the necessary libraries to build and use.

Basically this software send by e-mail, found IPs and that they can be used as SMTP, These IPs will be then used in the Mailer. The service includes explanation and training in the use of this software in combination with the rest of the system.
Optionally this software can be installed on a REAL machine, instead of a VM, which allows a higher speed scanning.

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