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ISA EMail Marketing - EMailList Account - Annual Payment
Monthly subscription to the service of preparation of lists for email marketing
Pay one year and earn USD 36 with the 10% discount

Product Code: 53-7002

If you are user of ISA Email Marketing databases, subscribing to this service, every month you will receive email lists ISA updated and with new emails within the profile of your sending.
WIth this annual payment you will win a 10% discount, saving USD 36

Why to subscribe to this service?

1) No fake emails are included.
These lists only include emails we have extracted ourselves from sites that we locate in Bing, Google and Yahoo search mechanisms.

2) Every month you will automatically receive by email THOUSANDS of NEW EMAILS from the segment or country of your interest

3) Role email (webmaster@ and postmaster@) are removed

4) Spamtraps and complaints are excluded

5) Duplicates are deleted

6) Divided into several files for easy handling. TXT and CSV format

To subscribe click on the payment type

USD 324 with Paypal

ISA Email Marketing
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