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Email Database ISA Custom 2000
Custom selection of 2000 emails by category and/or region

Product code: 53-6001

In this promotion you can acquire the service of creation of a database of personalized emails

FORMATS: Text (TXT), CSV (Excel)

QUANTITY OF CONTACTS: Up to 2000 emails

ECONOMIC SEGMENT: Determined by the client

GEOGRAPHIC SEGMENT: Determined by the client

Why buy this database?

1) This list does not include fake emails because it is a list of our own manufacture, made on our databases and reviewed with an online research

2) We perform optimization treatment with a trial delivery and then we eliminate the rejected emails

3) Spamtraps and complainants are excluded

4) Duplicates deleted

To purchase click the desired payment type

USD 40 with Paypal

USD 40 with Western Union

ISA Email Marketing
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