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Software ISA E-Marketing 4.0
Multiple POP3 Accounts - Managing Massive Email Marketing Responses

Product Code: 91-2004

Multiple POP3 Accounts

Intelligent management of bulk email marketing responses
Self-interpretation of emails with flexible Bounces, Antispam, Autoresponder dictionaries
Automatic database cleanup
POP3 integration with sales and customer file

Other Functions

Database Management

Import emails from Text Files (TXT)
Robot Extractor of Emails from Web Pages
Segmentation by country, region or city
Segmentation by category
Duplicate Cleanup
Export emails to Text Files (TXT)

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Customer Management

Online Sales Management
Sales History
Postal Delivery Management

Email Marketing

Multiple Marketing Campaigns
Smart email sending, controlled by frequency, repetitions, domain tolerance, and batch size
AE Processes: They are Default Response Emails (AE = automatic emails) organized by campaign to speed up the management of sales by email

AE processes associated with Web Forms
Manage Web Forms (php) transferred from the hosting, updating the database and sending pre-programmed emails (AE Processes)

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