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Email Database ISA Hungary Corporative 2022 B
91.000 emails of corporative domains

Product Code: 91-0514

On this page you can purchase the Email Databases ISA Hungary Corporative 2022 B, with 91.000 email of corporative domains (B2B) in Hungary.

Formats: TXT (text), CSV (Excel)

Why to purchase this database?

(1) No fake emails are included in this package

(2) Thousands of NEW EMAILS

(3) Non-existent emails are removed

(4) Role email (webmaster@ and postmaster@) are removed

(5) Spamtraps and complainants are excluded

(6) Duplicates are deleted

(7) Free domains (webmail) are excluded

To purchase please click the desired payment type

EUR 35 with Paypal

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