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Digital Key

The employee´s Digital Key is a number that identify the employee in unique way in the system, so cannot exist two employees with the same digital key.
An employee uses the digital key to clock-in depending on the Punch-in device:

Keyboard: in the text field used to clock-in by using the keyboard the employee must type the digital key number and press ENTER

field to clock-in

Barcode reader: the employee pass the barcode badge in the barcode reader. The barcode must codify the digital key number. If the barcode number is greather than 8 digits, the digital key must match with the first 8 digits by the left.

A digital key can be a 1 to 8 digits number

To setup a digital key for an employee:

1) Select the employee in the Employee list in the Main Menu
2) Click on Editar Profile
3) In the field digital key enter the first 8 digits of the barcode or the number the employee will type by using the keyboard