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The employee´s schedule is an individual calender, in where for each date can be specified a Shift previously created in the Shifts table
In reports including overtime calculations, holidays, day-off, and/or totallizers the schedule is readed and each shift programmed for each date is applied to the punch-in/out records.

Schedules controls when the employee forgive to punch-out. When employee punchs-in next day, the schedule compares the employee´s punch-in time with the scheduled shift punch-in time.
if punch-in time is in the time range 15 minutes before to 45 minutes later that scheduled shift, punch-in will be accepted and registered, leaving blank the punch-out time the day before

Using of schedule with weekly shifts

If the employee has weekly shifts, for example, from Monday to Friday the working time is 9:00 am to 18:00 pm and saturdays and sundays day-off, it is recommended the using of an Auto-schedule for this employee, in order to complete the schedule faster than by programming shifts manually for each date.
Even by using an Auto-schedule, the schedule can be modified manually to assing any other shift not configurated in the Auto-schedule in any date. The manually assigned shift has priority over the auto-scheduled shift.

Using of schedule with rotative shifts

The Time Card software is recommended for companies with rotative shifts because the high flexibility on shift configuration with a Shifts Table unlimited and manual access to the schedule
The schedule has also option to change the shifts configuration for a group of employees in just only one operation.
If shift rotation is not weekly, it is recommended the usig of an Automatic Shift Rotation applied directly to schedule.

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